Training Seminars

Bringing Home a Shelter Dog: Observing Behavior to Make the Right Match and Make it Stick

Micaela Frank, CPDT-KA, KPA-CTP

Rockstar Dog Training


Shelters and rescues are full of great dogs in need of permanent homes.But how do you know which dog is right for your family and lifestyle? How do you integrate that dog in to your home safely? You may get a dog with an unknown or incomplete history- how do you navigate these unknowns and set your new dog up for success?  In this talk, Micaela Frank will answer these questions and more. Come away less worried and more curious about the unknowns as you use what you don’t know about your dog to give them a fresh start in their new life with you. 

Spot Gets a Job

Carmaleta Aufderheide, MS, KPA CTP, CPDT-KA

Training Spot

Ever had thoughts that you your dog would make a great Therapy Dog? You’re in luck…our very own trainer, Carmaleta Aufderheide, BSN, MS-CRES, KPA-CTP, will discuss the road to therapy as well as sift out the differences between types of working dogs including service and emotional support.  Join us for an informative talk on how Spot gets a job. You may even get the chance to meet and greet Training Spots very own ‘career changed’ service dog, Boma, in retirement.

Will Work for Cookies, Cuddles, and Coffee

Jennifer Biglan, CDBC, KPA CTP, CPDT-KA

Training Spot

Strengthen trust, your relationship, and good behavior from your dog. Learn how to turn every day interactions into teachable moments! Do you feed your dog every day? Take them for a walk? Throw a ball? Cuddle on the couch? What else do you do with your dog every day that they love?

Training- It's All Tricks

Debbie Schaefer, CPDT

The Well Mannered Dog, LLC

Teaching your dog tricks is so much fun and should be a part of every dog’s education.  But here’s the thing, the fun you have teaching tricks should also be a part of teaching all the serious behaviors and even with resolving behaviors you dislike.  

We are going to show you not only how to train some tricks but also how to put the fun into your training. Then watch as the relationship you have with your dog blossoms and good behavior replaces misbehavior


Choices for Compassionate End of Life Care for Your Pet

Molly Stewart, DVM

Pacific Magnolia Veterinary

End of life considerations due to age and/or disease are difficult to make for every pet owner. This presentation  will address the ‘when” as well as the "how", as you consider assisting your pet to transition through end of life in the comfort of a familiar place like your home.